Guest Post: Terra Elan McVoy

Guest Post: Terra Elan McVoy

Celebrating the paperback release of THE SUMMER OF FIRSTS AND LASTS

Many of my good memories involve ice cream. One, for example, is riding in the back of our family Datsun to the Baskin Robbins (at the Monroe/Thomasville intersection in Tallahassee) in order to get “Chilly Burgers”—a nice inch-thick hunk of ice cream between two chocolate cookies, a treat we all loved. Mint chocolate chip was my favorite.

This makes me all the more thrilled that ice cream is featured so prominently on the cover of my third book, The

Summer of Firsts and Lasts. Ice cream is delicious. Ice cream is family. Ice cream is nostalgia. Ice cream is, above all, summer.There are lots of others: my sisters and I sitting on the living room floor, watching “The Wizard of Oz” –which appeared on TV every year—and mooshing up our Fudge Ripple into ice cream “soup”; root beer floats as part of family date night; Dad churning ice cream on the back patio occasional summer afternoons; sneaking a spoonful (or six) from the container in the freezer when I got home from a hard day in middle school; visiting my guy friends at the Baskin-Robbins where they worked during high school; discovering Ben & Jerry’s pints for the first time in college; creating my own ice cream concoctions in my home nowadays, thanks to an ice cream maker which was a gift from my editor. (The recent favorite is maple-bacon-Snap, but I’m also famous for grape-rosemary sorbet.)

Last year, when I was counting down the days for the hardcover release of The Summer of Firsts and Lasts, I celebrated a different flavor of ice cream every day. Here’s what I chose; I’ll be interested in hearing which, if any of these, are your favorites too.

The Summer of Firsts and Lasts by Terra Elan McVoy

1. Cookie Dough2. Lemon Sorbet
3. Mint chocolate chip (white not green)
4. Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch
5. Rocky Road AND Heavenly Hash!
6. Pineapple sherbet
7. Pistachio
8. Moosetracks
9. Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia
10. Fudge Ripple (mooshed into “soup”)
11. Margarita sorbet
12. Peanut Butter Cup
13. Chocolate Mocha Chip
14. Ben & Jerry’s Birthday Cake
15. Maple Gingersnap Gelato
16. Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby17. Chocolate Malteds
18. Lavender Honey ice cream from Cafe Alsace
19. Lime sherbet w/ tequila poured over the top (21+ of course)
20. Breyer’s vanilla bean w/ jellybeans
21. Homemade grape & rosemary sorbet
22. DQ Blizzard (Butterfinger for me)23. Salted caramel from Morelli’s
24. Baskin Robbin’s Bubble Gum (an old-time favorite!)25. Homemade strawberry
26. Cookies n’ Cream
27. Vanilla ice cream sundaes (w/ the works, duh!!)
28. Neopolitan
29. Hagen Daaz Coffee (w/ chocolate sauce)
30. Watermelon sorbet

May your summer (and your life) be full of delicious ice cream, and good books, too!

About The Summer of Firsts and Lasts:Completely Contemp Month When teenaged sisters Daisy, Violet, and Calla spend their last summer together at Camp Callanwolde, the decisions they make–both good and bad–bring challenges to their relationship as well as opportunities to demonstrate their devotion to one another.

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Guest Post: Terra Elan McVoy — 22 Comments

  1. I LOVE mint chocolate chip icecream, but I’m also a huge fan of a really good chocolate… Lately I’ve gotten hooked on a frozen yogurt bar in town, and they have Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate froyo – top that baby with some fresh coconut, cheesecake bites & hot fudge sauce? Heavenly… :o)

  2. I LOVED reading about your ice cream related memories – so cute! Also, can I just say that 30 days of icecream sounds like an excellent way to count down to the release of your book :) I’d be interested in trying: Lemon Sorbet, Pinapple Sherbet, Lavender Honey, Brey’s vanilla bean w/ jellybeans, Salted caramean and watermelon sorbet. YUM!

    As for my favourite, a local ice creamery does an AMAZING version of chocolate peanut butter ice cream!

  3. My all-time favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla. Everyone looks at me funny when I say that but there are so many possibilities with vanilla ice cream. It’s like a blank slate, one you can color with many different kinds of delicious toppings.

    I also like chocolate raspberry ice cream and ice cream in general.

  4. I love ice cream in general, but anything to do with peanut butter and chocolate gets my vote, so peanut butter cup it is! :)

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