Sophomore Reading Challenge!

Hello readers! With The Story Siren posting awesome exciting news about the 2012 Debut Author Challenge, I began to think about what books I am excited to read next year. What I realized is that many debut authors that I read through the DAC in years past have new books coming out, and I am super excited for those books because I loved their debuts!

I reached out on Twitter and found the consensus to be that many of you are as excited for the sophomore novels of your favorite debut authors as I am! This is why I am setting up the


What books count towards the SRC?
Any second YA or MG book published by an author in 2012 counts – it can be the second in a series, a new series, or a standalone. The only requirement is that it is the SECOND book the author has published in the YA or MG realm (and it must publish in 2012 in your home country)! I have started a Goodreads list HERE – as you can see, there are probably many many books on that list you are planning on reading already :)

When does the challenge run?
Books read before January 2013 count for this challenge.

Why should I join this challenge?
Reading debut novels is AWESOME. It is by far my favorite challenge – it allows me to find many new authors that I love. What better way to support these authors than to read their next published book?

What are the guidelines of the challenge?
Your challenge is to read 10 sophomore YA/MG novels in 2012. To officially participate, you need a Goodreads account or blog where you post reviews in English.

What should I do if I’m an author coming out with a sophomore novel?
I would love to feature you on my blog! Please contact me via THIS FORM or by e-mail (shanynlee at

How do I join?
Link your blog or Goodreads account below, and make a list of the sophomore novels you’re looking forward to :)

There will be prize packs given away to challenge participants throughout next year. You will receive an automatic entry for signing up to participate – options for additional entries will be announced at the time of the giveway.

Kate of KD Designs has made a button for this challenge! There is one at 200×200 and one is 300×300 so you can choose the best one from your sidebar :) Please save the image to your own computer before posting it to your blog.

If anyone has any questions about anything posted here, please leave a comment. I am excited to read Sophomore novels with you!


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  5. That’s a great idea! I’m terrible at keeping up with challenges but, like you, I’m definitely excited to read the sophomore efforts of some of my fave debut authors. Love it. I’ll be following your progress and comparing notes. ;)

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  12. I just saw Thumped on your Goodreads list, but can you really call it a sophomore? It is the second book in the series but Megan McCafferty did write the quite awesome Jessica Darling series before that :)

    • She did indeed write the awesome Jessica Darling series BUT Bumped is her first official YA (the Jessica Darling books weren’t published that way). This is all from the mouth of Megan McCafferty so that’s what we’re going to go with :)

  13. That’s so interesting. To me, at 24, Jessica Darling is perfect YA, as it veers towards the Adult. But I can see how it would be too Adult to actually be marketed/published as YA where every character always should be 16 :)

  14. Love this challenge and am currently signing up but am curious- does it count if we read the book before 2012? occasionally I get an ARC I am too excited to wait for!

    Thanks for hosting.

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    • Hooray!! To participate, you just need to find books that fit the criteria of the challenge, and read them before the end of the year next year :) You can keep track on a blog, through Goodreads, or even just through comments on this blog to let us know how many of your challenge books you’ve read each month! I’ll have contests for challenge participants and you can enter those, so check back here every once in awhile to see what’s going on for the challenge :)

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  17. I was wavering a bit about joining this challenge until I realized, there are actually quite a few sophomore books that I want to read in 2012! So thanks for hosting this challenge :)

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  24. I signed up! I love this idea for a challenge, I read so many great debuts last year so I will definitely be reading lots of sophomore books this year. Thank You!

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  27. Found out about this from a blog I follow. I don’t think I’ll join, but it’s definitely perked my interest. Strange how virtually no men decided to join in…

    Anyway, best of luck to the participants!

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  35. challenges – […] will also be participating in the Chick Loves Lit Sophomore Reading Challenge in which the goal is to read 10 of … November 28, 2011I signed up! To participate, you just need to find books that fit the criteria of the challenge, and read them before the end of the year next year :) You can keep track on a blog, through Goodreads, or even just through comments on this blog to let us know how many of your challenge books you’ve read each month!

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