Completely Contemp Challenge 2012 #CCC

Hopefully if you are reading this you have followed along throughout the month of November for my Just Contemporary celebration. Here at Chick Loves Lit TWENTY SIX authors participated, with SEVENTEEN different giveaways. Needless to say, I am proud of what Just Contemporary has done in spotlighting my very favorite genre and am so grateful for all of the authors who participated.

Contemporary isn’t a genre I only read once a month, and it’s one that I want everyone else to consider reading a little more of as well – which is why I am going to encourage you all with the


This reading challenge aims to fit a few more contemporary novels into your reading schedule throughout the year!

The Completely Contemp Challenge asks YOU to choose the number of contemporary books you read in 2012 (with 3 being the minimum). When setting your goal, you choose a number 1-99 and insert that into the categories:
YOUR NUMBER of contemporary books published in 2010
YOUR NUMBER of contemporary books published in 2011
YOUR NUMBER of contemporary books published in 2012

For example, if you chose your number as two, you would read
Two published in 2010
Two published in 2011
Two published in 2012

This allows those of you who do not read much contemporary to pick a lower level (you can read three in a year!), and those of you like me who read a LOT of contemporary can pick a higher number :)

Those who complete this challenge will have the opportunity to display a completed challenge button on their blog, will be eligible for prize packages throughout the year, and will receive extra entries in giveaways during Completely Contemporary celebrations here at Chick Loves Lit in 2012 :)

To Join:
Link up below with your blog or Goodreads name. If you are not linking a specific post announcing your involvement, please state your number goal in your link name (For example: Chick Loves Lit: 5)

What books qualify?
Any YA contemporary published in 2010, 2011, or 2012. I have lists on Goodreads that show a selection of possible books for each year but this list is NOT exclusive! As long as it was published in one of those years you may count it towards your challenge list! (And note: anyone can “vote” for a book on Goodreads, so it’s best to check the publication date yourself before officially counting it towards your challenge just in case someone added it in error.)

Contemps published in 2010
Contemps published in 2011
Contemps to be published in 2012 

When does the challenge run?
Books read in 2012 count towards this challenge.

Can I count books read here for other challenges?
Sure! The goal here is to get everyone to read a few extra contemporary books, so whatever works for you works for me :) (Make sure your other challenges allow this before counting for both, though!)

Are there places to participate besides on my blog?
Yes! There is a Goodreads group where you can post reviews and talk about the contemporary books you’re reading :)

How do I show others I am participating?
Katie of KD Designs was gracious enough to create the button and banner for this challenge! Please feel free to display these graphics in your sidebar or on your challenge page. Once you have completed your challenge, come back and get the COMPLETED graphic to show everyone you finished!

I have read 67 contemporaries in 2011 (so far) – I look forward to seeing how many I can read next year (and how many all of you can too)! Remember to link your blog name along with the number you plan on completing for the challenge :) If you have any questions, please leave a comment below – and happy reading!


Completely Contemp Challenge 2012 #CCC — 52 Comments

    • It’s easiest (if you’re not linking to a post somewhere) to put it in the title of your link when you link up :) So you could do Andrea: 3 (or whatever your number is)

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  2. What a great challenge! I just requested to join the Good Reads Group. Did I do this right by putting the number of books for the challenge in my name? Thanks!

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    • Publication of when it came out in your home country! If you are reading in a country where it has not been released, you may use the translation pub date

  11. I have already signed up for one Contemporary challenge this year, but only picked 12 books..I’m already 1/2 finished and its just the first of February so I’m adding this challenge and upping my game LOL

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  15. This is my first year blogging and I keep signing up for these fantastic challenges… I might have over done it with this one. Thank you though, I never read contemporary books and this will motivate me to explore different genres. I’m very excited.

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  26. Hi, I just wanted to confirm, since I’m a little confused. For this challenge, if my aim is 3, do I have to read 3 for each year? I mean, like, 3 books from 2010, 3 from 2011 and 3 from 2012? I don’t mind doing that either =)

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