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Something that some bloggers do at the end of their reviews is add a link to other reviews of the book they have featured that day to give the reader more opportunities to see what others thought. This is especially helpful if you are someone who really loved or really did not like a book while the majority of other reviews were the opposite of you.

There are several ways to find links to other reviews, but searching is probably the easiest – and there is no way to specifically search YA blogs (that I know of).

Thanks to Bookalicio.us, there now exists a

YA Book Blog Search Engine!

This search engine is meant for blogs that have young adult reviews featured at least 50% of the time (or, the majority).

If you would like your blog added to this search engine, please leave your full URL in a comment below OR in the form at the bottom of this post! You must have updated your blog at least once in the past week.



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